Sunday, February 01, 2009

Taking a Chance on Chocolate

I went to dinner with Chocolate Chip tonight and at some point I wanted to remove the table that was separating us from each other and hug him and cry. I think I like his soul. I felt a true connection with him.

He is beautiful. This evening at dinner I realized that for the first time in my adult life that I have met a man and chosen to also let him meet me from the beginning. I am revealing to him the real me, the authentic and wonderful me, not a public persona but my true personage. It is both exciting and scary for me. It is a risk.

A little wiser, with a better understanding of life, I know that without taking this risk with Chocolate Chip I wouldn’t ever know if our new relationship can become a solid friendship, anything more or anything less.

Tonight Chocolate Chip mentioned that he wanted to do something adventurous. He said he wanted to go on a journey and see where it takes him. Actually, I see this relationship with Chocolate Chip as the very thing he said he wanted for himself for me, an adventure.