Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Thank God for Thunderstorms

That it is why God is so amazing.

Today I was walking through a valley and I wanted to cry and emote but the tears would not come. I could just feel them moving around inside of me.

I left work and went to the gym and a little less than two hours later I walked out and it had begun to drizzle. I got on the train and traveled through several underground stations. When the train left the final tunnel and we emerged in the night it was a full storm outside. Thunder and lightning. Wind and rain.

I couldn’t control my laughter. I smiled at the sky and at the God inside of me. I knew it was a blessing. For a few minutes I stood at the station waiting for the rain to calm a little. It toned down just a tad. And so I began walking home in the thunderstorm. I was getting soaked and it was wonderful.

As I walked I thanked God out loud for this storm. Once again, what I couldn’t do for myself – God did for me. The wonderful part about all the rain in the storms is that it cleanses the Earth and moves old things and debris away. The thunder and lightning are magnificent displays of power and beauty, force. The thunder roars, I am here. The lightning signals, I am the light.

I couldn’t cry today so God cried for me. He released the rain, the wind, the thunder and the lightning for me. The emotions I was feeling on the inside. He brought them out.

After the rain, the clouds go away. There are rainbows and sunshine. There is fresh air. There is a cleansed Earth and bodies. We are renewed.

All the way home, I praised God and prayed to God. Right now I feel like I’m going through a little storm but – this I know is true. When the storm is over, when the rain ceases, when the clouds roll away, when the lightning stops flashing – I and this Earth will be anew.