Friday, February 13, 2009


Yesterday morning on my way to work I was approached by an older man. He was probably in his mid to late fifties. He greeted me and I replied. He continued walking several steps ahead of me and then stopped just a few feet from the entrance to my office building. As I got closer to him and the door he asked me what I was doing later on in the evening. I told him ‘nothing.’ He responded, “You want some of this?” while holding up his cell phone so that I could see the screen. It was a picture of his erect penis. ..Seriously.

After a week of eating soup, vegetables and fruits I was excited about getting in the gym this afternoon. I’d gone Monday and Tuesday as well. I figured this would be a great way to cap off the week of good eating and exercise. I ran 5 miles on the treadmill. I did some work on my arms and stomach. Nothing was going to satisfy me more after my workout than some nice quiet time in the sauna and a good shower. I sat in the sauna alone with my eyes closed for several minutes before a young guy came in. He wasn’t bad on the eye either. Anyway, he sat across from me and unwrapped from a towel an ipod and earphones. I figured he would use them. He did. Only thing was that his music was so loud that I could still hear it even though he was wearing headphones. It was the oddest mix of songs too. All slow love songs. I wasn’t sure if he was trying seduce me or sedate me. ..Seriously.

I called Chocolate Chip Cookie tonight to see how he was doing. He had been sick earlier this week and I just wanted to say hello and check in. I enjoy communicating with him via text, instant messenger and in person I think our interactions are really great but on the phone it always seems a bit odd. For the past few weeks I’d been trying to place his voice and speaking pattern. When we were on the phone tonight it came to me. He sounds like and his phone demeanor reminds me a lot of The Professional. That freaks me out slightly but not as much as the fact that I think I am a bit more interested in seeing where things go than he is. I’m starting to think my Chocolate Chip Cookie idea is half baked. ..Seriously.

The long weekend is officially here for all of us that work for the government. Wonderful. I decided that I’d step out to the local watering hole to see and be seen. Well, that wasn’t as fun as I’d hoped it would be. I have chosen February as the month that I won’t drink alcohol or wine this year. I realized how much I needed alcohol to not be in that environment but to tolerate that environment. It was a slow and not so cute night at the not-so-okay corral. ..Seriously.

Yet overall, it was a pretty good Friday. Seriously.