Friday, July 18, 2008

Day Five

My morning began a little after 7:00AM. There was nothing but me, a short prayer, a multi-flavor popsicle and an entertaining episode of Clifford the Big Red Dog on my local PBS station. I sat on my sofa wondering if I were to drink the last Smirnoff Ice in my fridge would my colleagues at work would notice any difference in my so called normal behavior. The sun hadn’t been up very long and it was hot already. The weatherman predicted that today the temperature would reach beyond 90 degrees and the infamous humidity of the District would take no prisoners.

This is how I would begin day five.

For the past five days I have been working to break cycles and improve myself for the better – or at least that is my hope.

Since Monday I have packed my lunch daily and only eaten meals I have prepared at home. I have not done this for a continuous week since sometime last year and I am really not sure if I did it for an entire week then. But this is the challenge and goal I have given myself. I noticed months ago that I spend what may be an unreasonable amount of money eating out and going out and using food and drink as socializing tools. While they are great tools, I must learn to lean on others in my arsenal for the sake of my wallet and my waist line.

This has been a big thing for me. I don’t like to cook and I am a huge fan of convenience. Yet, as someone once said, “I will sacrifice my wants of today in order to satisfy my needs of tomorrow.” In my case that means I can put more money toward my reserve fund as well as my upcoming trip to Paris. Currently the American dollar isn’t worth much over there and by the time I get there in November I doubt that much will have changed about that fact. To that end, I need to save every dollar I can. I also figure this will help me to stop eating so much of the wrong things.

Today also marks day five of my decision not to speak about my desire, want, pursuit or lack of a significant other unless otherwise asked or prompted to by the person I am speaking with. I have come to conclusion that talking about it hasn’t gotten me much further to changing that situation, good Lord my friends must be tired of me talking about it and perhaps most importantly and most selfishly – I am tired of talking about it, hearing about it, discussing it and dissecting. So I have decided to seal lips on the topic.

As another communication scholar and good friend of mine pointed out to me today, ceasing the conversation about it takes away power from it and at the same time empowers me. She also noted the Sapir-Whorf communication theory. The hypothesis postulates that a particular language's nature influences the habitual thought of its speakers: that different language patterns yield different patterns of thought.

The sun has gone down now and I am in my bedroom with the air conditioner on high. I have had the last Smirnoff Ice and will soon quench my thirst with a sex on the beach while imaging I really was on one. Before I know it I will be asleep and it will be day six.