Wednesday, March 05, 2008

After you've done all you can...

The past two weeks I have been very stressful and the past few days have been full of emotions ranging from near rage to sadness. My mind has been racing, I have yelled, I have been spinning….spinning…spinning. And now I am calm. In a few hours I am heading home to be with my family and I am slowly beginning to feel at peace.

I believe my body and mind are winding down now because it knows that it needs the rest and more importantly it knows that it has done all that it can do. I spent a great deal of the day going back and forth with my mother over the language and layout of the program that will be shared with others at my grandmothers’ home-going. In the end I was satisfied. My final gifts to her will be the gifts that God has blessed me with so abundantly. I have placed my hands on how she will remembered in writing forever and Saturday I will read a verse from the old and from the new. She enjoyed hearing me read. My spirit too will be at peace.