Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Another Voyage, Another Level

I have spent the past year of my life on a journey rediscovering who I am. I have touched, tasted, smelt, seen, heard and experienced parts of myself all over again, like a child learning of his senses for the first time. I have reintroduced myself to myself and in turn many others. I have been proud of this quiet voyage that first set sail in the fall of last year. When leafs were changing color, displacing themselves from trees, dying with intent and compassion so, that new life would come. New beautiful green leafs that would bear witness to new seasons and offer man and the rest of the world breath, and in turn life.

I am in transition again. This fall. This autumn season. When I thought that I would rest myself from traveling on this vessel, take comfort on the shore, dry land, if only for just a bit I realize otherwise.

Tears as usual are inside of me. They will not come out but I know they are there. I feel them and at the same time the sorrow and excitement of why they are there now. I know the truth.

Winds are blowing. The sails are set again. My exploration continues.

I know who I am and now I must venture to meet my soul.