Sunday, October 14, 2007

Heavy Happiness

There is no experience in my life where I can recall that it was hard for me to be happy. Yet, there are moments in life that I can recall, the feeling like the one I just had, where it was hard – if only for a second – to be happy for someone else.

It was not his smile or his face or his exterior. I am certain that it wasn't any of those things. I know for sure that it was his spirit, his warmth and his openness that attracted my soul to his.

With him I wanted to create beautiful words. A forceful piece of nonfiction that wove passion, power and purity together into a cloth that would drape us as our bodies lay in the final resting place of each others arms.

I wanted to build on our connection. Make one drop of water into an ocean. I knew he had the knowledge to call our breath life.

But as hard as it is I must be happy. Happy for him. Happy because he has already found happiness with someone else.