Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Dear God!

Dear God,

I am probably one of your biggest fans. You have done so much for me and I am extremely grateful. With that said, I come to you again with another request. Can you save me from you, or at least the people that say that they are doing your work? I fear your wrath but of some of your follower’s politics and actions, I am absolutely petrified. Tomorrow morning a group of them will be gathering to break bread at the National Prayer Breakfast.

George Bush will be there. I hope someone prays over him, maybe even lay hands on him. Don’t get me wrong, I know we are all of your children but George doesn’t know how to play well with others and is causing a lot of problems all over the place. He says that he misbehaves because he wants freedom for the whole world and his acting out is the only way this utopian goal can be achieved. Well, first of all the whole world never said it wanted to be free. Secondly, he keeps doing all of this stuff with the subtle and sometimes not so subtle undertones that he is acting on your behalf. Because I believe in you I cannot believe that he is.

Hours from now the ballroom will be filled with right wingers [who are really wrong] praying for the country’s salvation from cartoons, football halftime shows, and affirmative action. Please place it on their hearts to pray about some other more significant issues like health care, the k-12 education system, for the families of those who have died in Iraq both US citizens and freedom fighters (they may call them insurgents), the disproportionate number of people of color in the US prison system, the rising debt of the youth and young adults who the American dream has become too costly to afford, all those types of things. This country definitely needs prayer – but from people who want to use you to spread love, not ignorance, intolerance, hate and misunderstanding. For those people, I pray for them and a good number claim to be your followers.

Scary situation.

Tomorrow I will pray at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I pray that your proclaimed followers will truly follow your lead.

Yours truly,
Clay Starr