Monday, January 31, 2005

Seek and ye shall find

It is true, seek and ye shall find. That is exactly what I did. About a week ago I was wondering what ever happened to a dear friend of mine from my freshmen year of college. I turned that wondering into wandering around the internet and doing some power searching. After a few minutes and some simple deductions I found him.

He just recently moved to LA and had posted his resume and bio on a site for creative professionals. It included a cell phone number and email address. I emailed him and the next day he emailed back very happy that I had been able to locate him. Iked9 is doing great. He and his girlfriend moved to LA in January and he has already found a job that he enjoys. We both vowed to make better efforts at staying in touch this time around and I told him that I’d be sure to give him a heads up on my next LA tour date. I’ll kick off my 2005 travel tour next month when I blow in to the Windy City.

And since, the title of this entry is seek and ye shall find, I decided to take the lead from some of my fellow blog fam and open the floor up for any questions readers may want answered about me. Drop your question to me in the comment box or email me directly and in a few days I will answer all of them (within reason).