Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Planning Ahead

It is not often that my mother offers advice. So when she does I tend to listen and take it to heart. On one such occasion a few years ago I called my mother before I headed off to class. I was doing a big presentation that day and before we got off the phone she said “nothing can stop a prepared black man. Always be prepared.” I think those are the three most important words my mother has ever told me beyond the words I love you.

Am I preparing for tomorrow today? I know that a man that fails to plan plans to fail.

Last week my best friend O-Canada and I were talking out and developing my five year plan. Hers is already done. I admire her so much for that. She is always on the ball and keeps her eye on the ball. Now that she is married she keeps her eyes on his balls too – if you know what I mean. At the end of this several hour conversation there were some areas of my life where I had developed very clear, measurable, realistic and obtainable goals and steps to get there. Faith, family, finance and friends were all covered. Then there was one part of my life where I have for many months now remained unsure. My career. I know how I want to make my life, just not sure on how I can be fulfilled making my living.

Since graduate school I have been in the same field and I don’t know how much I enjoy it anymore and if I can see myself being fulfilled and satisfied doing this for the next five or ten years. I once asked a friend how he decided on his profession. He said that it was the only thing he was ever really good at. I think I’m good at a variety of things and I have a variety of interests. What color is my parachute? I don’t think we live in a world where for me I have a lot of time trying to pick the right color. Fumbling around could put me further behind or in deeper debt that I already am.

I have got to come up with a plan.